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Autumn months

It is important to start our lawn treatment in the autumn months of September and October. Our lawns need to be ready for the cold weather of winter and for the upcoming spring months. As long as we are taking care of our lawn we might as well prepare our flower garden and vegetable garden for the months ahead. 888-301-6464


Heat of summer

Our lawn has survived through the heat of summer and, in parts of the country, drought conditions. Fertilizing our lawns in the autumn is probably the best thing we can for it. Our front and back lawns will have much more protection from disease and the weed growth will slow down considerably.


Start fertilizing

Once we start fertilizing our lawns they will benefit greatly from the nutrients and become healthier. This lawn treatment will help our lawn bounce back from the heat of summer, grow deeper roots, and start to become thick. Deeper roots and thicker lawns help in the control of weeds, the invasion of insects, and disease.

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Lawn Treatment

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A holiday schedule is usually what the Northern gardener will adhere to in the fall. They most likely fertilized on Labor Day and will repeat the treatment again on Halloween. Southern gardeners hopefully will make their last fertilization approximately thirty days before their lawns go into hibernation or the first killing frost to avoid a winter kill. For the best results a slow release low nitrogen fertilizer should be used.

Lawn Treatment of good use

Lawn Treatment Guys understands all to well the arrival of the autumn months does not mean our vegetable garden will stop being of good use to us. It is still possible to enjoy some of the faster growing vegetables such as spinach, mustard greens, leaf lettuce, and carrots. These vegetables will also be able to withstand the cooler temperatures and provide us with some wonderful holiday specimens. We probably still have vegetables growing in our gardens such as tomatoes or peppers, if so we need to protect them in case of frost by using a cold frame or a floating row cover. We must not forget to incorporate some of that low nitrogen fertilizer into the soil, it will help the existing crop and the new crop will get a good start.

Our flower gardens should not be left out during the autumn months. We can start planting some of the spring flowering bulbs such as iris, tulips, and daffodils. Preparing the soil with the low nitrogen fertilizer will provide phosphorous and potassium but will not encourage fall growth of the bulbs. Our trees sometimes get forgotten in the fall because they have lost their leaves. Lawn Treatment Guys explains they are also in need of the nutrients that are put out with the low nitrogen fertilizer because this the time the tree roots have their active growing period. The fertilizer should be added roughly a month after a hard freeze but before the ground freezes.

Lawn Treatment we need

This is the necessary lawn treatment we need to do for every area of the yard and garden every autumn. This will help them recover from summer and prepare everything for spring.

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